Individual Therapy

ABA therapy sessions are provided by qualified behavior technicians at a one-to-one ratio under the direct supervision of a BCBA.  Programming includes the reduction of maladaptive behaviors and instruction in areas such as language and communication, social and play skills, academic and classroom behaviors, functional living skills, food selectivity, and toilet training.  Services are provided at the center rather than the home environment to provide opportunities for children to interact with a number of staff members and other clients and use acquired skills in different ways and settings.  The number of recommended therapy hours is individualized for each child based on assessment results.

Social Skills Group Training

Group social skills training allows students to learn and practice skills in an interactive format and make friends with other members.  We try to match students by age, ability, and interest.  Groups meet once a week for one hour.  Most groups are scheduled in the afternoon or early evening hours, and run in 6-8 week cycles.

Parent Training

As research suggests that parental involvement enhances the effectiveness of treatment, parent or caregiver training is offered to educate families in specific ABA principles and techniques.  Parent training typically involves teaching parents how to teach their child new skills, how to help their child use skills learned during therapy sessions throughout their day, and/or how to manage specific challenging behaviors.  Training topics and formats are tailored to meet the family’s specific needs.